God has blessed us with the opportunity to put out some resources that other college ministry leaders are finding helpful. Here are some links to conference messages, resources and articles. Please email with any questions that you may have and feedback on the free version of the ebook "Tips for Starting a College Ministry." Follow Paul on Twitter for more book suggestions and other resources. You can also check out and subscribe to the blog and resource websites Campus Ministry Today & Collegiate Collective both of which Paul is an editor and writer. 


Free ebook "Tips for Starting a College Ministry" 


"I believe this is the best information available on beginning or continuing a successful campus ministry. Devour this material, then do it and stand amazed at what God does." Max Barnett, Veteran BCM Director, Author and Seminary Professor, State Director of Christian Challenge in Colorado


"This is an invaluable guide, providing practical how-to’s for one of the most difficult tasks in ministry: starting from scratch." Rick James Cru Staff and Editor at Author of “A Million Ways to Die” and “Jesus Without Religion”


"I get asked all the time what I would do, if I were starting a college ministry. I have grown college ministries, but never started one. Here is good advice from someone who started a campus ministry with just two students. He has been there and done it.....and done it outside the Bible Belt. This e-book is worth your time!" Arliss Dickerson Veteran BCM Director, College Ministry Author and College Ministry Advocate



Website on The Gospel Appointment Evangelism Strategy






Series of Articles on the "Personal Ministry Target" Evangelism Strategy



Personal Ministry Target Worksheet to Train Student Leaders 



Podcast on "Tips for Starting A Campus Ministry"



Podcast on "Campus Reaching Strategies"



Podcast on "Harnessing a Recruitment Culture"



Webinar on Reaching Freshman During the First 3 Weeks



How to Have an Effective "Fall Outreach"



It's All About the Contacts! How we obtain and manage contacts during outreach on campus.



Popular Blog Posts on "Gospel Appointments"



How to Share Jesus Using Gospel Appointments (PDF)



How to Share Jesus Using Gospel Appointments Workshop in Audio



"Gospel Lesson" for Gospel Appointments 



Series of Articles about the 3 Essentials for Personal Disciplemaking 



Article Does Your College Ministry Value Scripture Memory? 



Reproducible Bible Study called "Memorizing God's Word"



Article called "Reach More People by Sowing Broadly"



Article on "10 Simple Ways To Mobilize Students to Share Jesus"



Reproducible Bible Study on 3 Habits For Everyday Evangelism



Article called "3 Lies College Ministry Leaders Must Silence"



Article for the leader who is feeling overwhelmed called "Do What You Can" 



Conference Message on "Principles for Sharing Jesus" 



Conference Message "Engage The Mission"



How to do "30 Second Surveys"



How to do an effective info table (Made these "How to" sheets for our students)



How to follow up interested contacts 



7 Keys to Effective Recruitment 



4 Reasons to Add New Student Leaders This Spring 



5 Things For College Ministry Leaders To Do Over Winter Break



Do's & Don't After an Epic College Ministry Trip



Decoding Your Campus 



The End Game of College Ministry = Multiplication


Your Secret Weapon: The Importance of Having a Core Team of student leaders 



Mobilizing Prayer for Your College Ministry 



Motivation Matters



Summer Goals Worksheet



Reproducible Bible Study on Essentials for a Leader called "Becoming a Person of F.A.I.T.H." 



Podcast on Personal Principles I Learned When Planting Our Ministry



Reproducible Discipleship Lessons & Evangelism Training Materials