David and Mariana - Director - Challenge CSUC

David and Mariana Clark


David and Mariana met and became involved in Challenge while studying at Chico State. They saw God work in their lives through serving and leadership opportunities in the ministry. Growing alongside each other through Challenge, they developed a relationship and are married as of summer 2018! They love the biblical vision of discipleship and being able to participate in it. Together, they enjoy reading in a hammock, watching movies, being active, and helping students connect with Jesus.

Josh and Sarah - Associate Directors - Challenge CSUC

Josh and Sarah Simmons

Associate Directors

Josh and Sarah Simmons became involved with Challenge at a volunteer level while doing school at Chico State, and went on staff after they graduated in 2018. They were married in January of 2019 and are excited to continue working with each other as a married couple. In September of 2019, they had Elsie, and have enjoyed learning how to parent together as well. Challenge was hugely influential in their lives, so being able to invest in college students is really fun for them! Josh and Sarah love taking road trips to new places, showing each other music, and spending time with friends playing board games.

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Matt and Ellie - Staff - Challenge CSUC

Matt and Ellie Bustamante


Matt and Ellie both got involved in Challenge at the end of high school and have been a part of the ministry every since. Through this experience they both developed a deeper heart for God, greater love for people, and a strong relationship with one another! Matt joined staff Fall of 2020, and Ellie joined in the Spring of 2021. They got married in February of 2021 and are looking forward to continuing to invest in students at Chico State! In their free time, Matt and Ellie love rock climbing, camping, and spending time with friends.

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Brendan and Sarah - Staff - Challenge CSUC

Brendan and Sarah Allen


Brendan and Sarah became involved with Challenge as student volunteers during their time at Chico State. Through this, they were able to see the huge need for Christ on campus! Brendan and Sarah were able to team together to reach the students in their fraternity and sorority for Christ, and were married in June of 2021, and joined the staff team that next fall semester! They are thankful to partner together in ministry, and pursue God’s mission for them at Chico State. Brendan and Sarah love road trips, playing board games with friends, playing music, and sharing God’s love with others!

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Paul and Christy - Founding Director - Challenge CSUC

Paul and Christy Worcester

Founding Director

Paul and Christy started and lead Christian Challenge. Paul, from Orange County, and Christy, from Chico, fell in love when they were sophomores in college. Together, they experienced Jesus working through them to reach many fellow students. Paul and Christy started Challenge in fall of 2009 and so far hundreds of students have made decisions to accept Jesus! Paul is the author of Tips for Starting A College Ministry and The Fuel and The Flame: Igniting Your Life and Your Campus For Jesus Christ. Paul is the senior editor of Campus Ministry Today, and recently founded to train and coach collegiate ministry leaders. He Paul and Christy have two children, Owen and Evelyn. Paul and Christy share a passion for helping people take their next steps in following Jesus and training leaders. Please contact them if you have any questions!

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