Paul and Christy - Director - Challenge CSUC

Paul and Christy Worcester


Paul and Christy started and lead Christian Challenge. Paul, from Orange County, and Christy, from Chico, fell in love when they were sophomores in college. Together, they experienced Jesus working through them to reach many fellow students. Paul and Christy started Challenge in fall of 2009 and so far 500+ students have made decisions to accept Jesus! Paul is the author of Tips for Starting A College Ministry, is a contributor to Collegiate Collective and Campus Ministry Today, and loves to coach and train other college ministry leaders. Paul and Christy have two children, Owen and Evelyn. Paul and Christy share a passion for helping people take their next steps in following Jesus and training leaders. Please contact them if you have any questions or just want to hang out.

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Cody and Brittany - Associate Directors - Challenge CSUC

Cody and Brittany Bryan

Associate Directors

Cody and Brittany are recent graduates of Chico State. They got involved with Christian Challenge as freshman and were contributing team members to the ministry starting their second year. Through being involved with Challenge they each developed a heart for reaching the lost students on campus, as well as developing a relationship with each other. Now, a newly married couple, they are very excited for the opportunity to be on staff full time. Together Cody and Brittany love going to the beach, playing games, eating ice cream, watching movies, and going on dates. They stay busy helping lead Challenge and loving their son Calvin!

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David and Mariana - Associate Director - Challenge CSUC

David and Mariana Clark

Associate Director

David and Mariana met and became involved in Challenge while studying at Chico State. They saw God work in their lives through serving and leadership opportunities in the ministry. Growing alongside each other through Challenge, they developed a relationship and are married as of summer 2018! They love the biblical vision of discipleship and being able to participate in it. Together, they enjoy reading in a hammock, watching movies, being active, and helping students connect with Jesus.

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Jacob - Staff - Challenge CSUC

Jacob Willebeek-LeMair


Jacob joined Christian Challenge as a Freshman at Butte College. When he heard about Challenge's vision to make disciples he got as involved as he could in order to make that vision his own. Jacob is currently finishing his degree at Chico State with the intent to join on staff full time after he graduates. His goal is to reach the nations for Christ through intentionally investing in students to take the Gospel out into the world. He enjoys being with friends, eating food, watching movies, and a good game of Ultimate Frisbee.

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Katie - Staff - Challenge CSUC

Katie Gayle


Katie Gayle was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX. She became a Christian when she was young and has been growing in her walk with God. After graduating with her BA in Liberal Arts in 2016, she moved to California to be a part of Christian Challenge at Chico State. Katie is excited to be an intern and invest in the lives of students on campus! She loves all things related to musicals, food, Marvel – and especially – friends (new or old)!

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Ryan - Staff - Challenge CSUC

Ryan Leong


Ryan joined Christian Challenge his freshman year in 2014. He recently graduated CSUC with a degree in Exercise Physiology and two minors in Exercise Science and Physical Education. Ryan has learned practical ways to share his faith with students, family, friends, and brothers in Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity. As a new staff member, Ryan is excited to continue serving and training students who will make disciples for the rest of their lives. He enjoys working out, playing Spikeball, and the company of canines.

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Noah - Staff - Challenge CSUC

Noah Denney


Noah Denney is a Chico local who accepted Christ at three years old and joined Challenge his sophomore year of college. He received his undergraduate degree in Communication Studies with honors from Chico State in Spring of 2018. Since joining Challenge, he has grown in his understanding of discipleship and wants to use the power of intentional discipleship to reach the nations from the college campus. He enjoys video and board games, hiking in Bidwell Park, helping new people connect with others, and practicing his bass guitar.

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Josh and Sarah - Staff - Challenge CSUC

Josh and Sarah Simmons


Josh and Sarah Simmons became involved with Challenge at a volunteer level while doing school at Chico State, and went on staff after they graduated in 2018. They were married in January of 2019 and are excited to continue working with each other as a newly married couple. Challenge was hugely influential in their lives, so being able to invest in college students is really fun for them! Josh and Sarah love taking road trips to new places, showing each other music, and spending time with friends playing board games.

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