Small Groups

Life Groups

These groups of 15-40 students are a ton of fun and open to all who are interested in:

  • Life-on-life relationships
  • Investigating the Bible
  • Having fun
  • Experiencing life change

Attending a Life Group is a great way to stay connected with people and grow in your walk with God. The locations and leaders for each group are listed below!

Freshman Connect

Time: Thursday at 8pm
Location: 538 W First Ave

Jesse Blair 530.965.1390
Slaney Blair

Engage with others who are starting their college experience! This group is a great way to get to know people and make friends who will stick with you through college.

Senior Life Group

Time: Thursday at 8pm
Location: 947 Normal Ave

Vanessa Gallegos 530.383.8131
David Rice 530.260.0649

This group is focused on helping seniors as they look towards graduation and transitioning out of college into the workforce. The friendships formed and the applications from studying what the Bible says will help you succeed!

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Time: Thursday at 8pm
Location: 708 Pomona Ave

Brendan Allen 760.793.5136
Sarah Allen

Whether you are on a team at Chico State or Butte College, or are just interested in athletics, FCA is a great group to check out! You will find other like-minded people who can help you grow in community and with God.

Sophomore/Junior Life Group

Time: Thursday at 8pm
Location: 595 E 8th St

Brandon Wortman 925.597.1390
Madi Gallaher 530.708.0002

Everyone needs community to experience the best life. This group will help you grow friendships and take your next step as you move forward in your journey with God!

Greek Legacy

Time and Location: Text Matt Bustamante

Matt Bustamante 530.228.8834
Ellie Bustamante 951.902.3562

Greek Legacy is focused on helping students who are a part of Greek life experience real community and learn more about God. To learn more about our events or if your organization is interested in partnering with Greek Legacy for an event, text Matt!

Need More Info?

Contact David Clark for more information about Challenge Life Groups.

Discipleship Relationships

Discipleship relationships are one-on-one or small groups that meet for custom mentoring in your walk with Jesus. These relationships are the backbone of our ministry. You can grow in your relationship with God in amazing ways when another believer meets with you for personal training! You can also be trained how to help others and multiply your faith. Contact David Clark if you are interested in finding out how to get involved in discipleship.