College Ministry Resources

God has blessed our team with the opportunity to put out some resources that other college ministry leaders are finding helpful. Below are some links to conference messages, resources and articles. Director Paul Worcester is the coauthor of a new edition of The Fuel and The Flame: Igniting Your Life & Your Campus For Jesus Christ, started the Campus Multiplication Network, and is an editor and writer for Campus Ministry Today & You can find resources from these organizations below, along with podcasts Paul co-hosts with Steve Shadrach and Shane Pruitt. Contact us with any questions and let us know how you are using these tools! You can follow Paul on Twitter for additional information.

Next Gen on Mission

The next generation is the now generation. They're not just the future of the church, but they're the church today. So what will it take to reach them with the gospel? Next Gen on Mission is a podcast designed to equip you to reach, disciple and mobilize the next generation.

Campus Ministry Today Podcast

This podcast with Paul Worcester and Steve Shadrach focuses on interviewing ministry leaders who have had major impacts on their campuses and throughout the world for Jesus! The goal of this is to build a global community of church-based and campus-based workers focused on reaching, discipling, and sending out the next generation of Christian laborers to change the world for Jesus Christ.

Campus Multiplication Network

This network provides training and coaching for collegiate ministry leaders who desire to accelerate evangelistic momentum, multiply disciples and plant new ministries. Our prayer is that God will use this network of leaders to plant new ministries on college campuses until there is no campus left without a multiplying gospel movement. Watch this webinar for more of our CMN vision, or fill out this form to get weekly articles and opportunities.

Tips For Starting A College Ministry By Paul Worcester

Tips For Starting A College Ministry
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"I believe this is the best information available on beginning or continuing a successful campus ministry. Devour this material, then do it and stand amazed at what God does."
- Max Barnett, Veteran BCM Director, Author and Seminary Professor, State Director of Christian Challenge in Colorado
"This is an invaluable guide, providing practical how-to’s for one of the most difficult tasks in ministry: starting from scratch."
- Rick James Cru Staff and Editor at Author of “A Million Ways to Die” and “Jesus Without Religion”
"I get asked all the time what I would do, if I were starting a college ministry. I have grown college ministries, but never started one. Here is good advice from someone who started a campus ministry with just two students. He has been there and done it.....and done it outside the Bible Belt. This e-book is worth your time!"
- Arliss Dickerson Veteran BCM Director, College Ministry Author and College Ministry Advocate

Do More With Less Time
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"Time is your most valuable resource. As a college ministry leader, I have never felt like I’ve had enough of it. Seven years ago my wife and I started our ministry, Christian Challenge from scratch and by God’s grace we now have a growing team of staff and student leaders laboring on campus with us. Despite our growth, there has been a constant struggle to answer the question: “How can I use my time for what makes the greatest impact on campus?” This is certainly not a unique question, and it is one that has proven helpful to pursue an answer to."
- Excerpt From Do More With Less Time

What Are Gospel Appointments?

We partnered with some people to make this video that explains Gospel Appointments! It features several of our staff and students and describes some of the awesome benefits of using this Gospel-sharing tool.

How To Do Gospel Appointments

This video features Paul and his twin brother, David, discussing the how's of Gospel Appointments: how to set them up, how to go through the lesson, and what to do with the various types of responses to the Gospel.

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